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September 22, 2012
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"ZARINA!!.....Zarina YOU GET UP THIS INSTANT!" I roll over moaning into my pillow. Footsteps quickly echo down the hall and to my door. Before I can gather the energy to rise my mother busts in screeching.

"Zarina I said get up now! I swear you would sleep to the end of time if we allowed it. Now get up and dressed so you can help me for the full moon ceremony" With that she walks out slamming the door behind her. I contemplate taking five more minutes to sleep but side against it, the last thing I need is her nagging me more. I pull myself up into a sitting position and rise shambling off to the shower. Once finished I emerge slightly more awake and dressed for the day. As I walk down the hall I can smell the different meals being prepared for tonight. My stomach growls and my inner lion joins in demanding to be fed. I pad into the kitchen and try to steal some of the sweet bread but my mother swats my hand away.

"I don't think so young lady that is for tonight. Now help me chop some of the vegetables for the stew" She hands me a knife and a cutting board. I slide down into the kitchen table and assume my mindless duties. After I've chopped, assembled, and cooked a plethora of mouthwatering dishes my mother finally allows me to leave. I practically bolt from the kitchen to the outside shedding my clothing quickly and shifting to my lion side. My paws barely make contact with the ground as I run towards the forest. Dense brush envelopes me, the sound of birds and bugs rings out in my ears. I run as far as I can hoping to be out of range from the pack. When I think I've found a spot I settle down under a tree and let myself fall asleep. My rest is quickly interrupted by the thud of something hitting the ground in front of me. I whip up baring my teeth, tail twitching, claws out.
A large leopard approaches me
"Well well well if it isn't my mate to be. How are you my lovely lioness?" I look to him disgusted and annoyed.
"Sickened because I have to look at you Marius" he looks taken aback but comes closer
"Oh come now you don't mean that. You love me just like you have to." he rests a paw on my shoulder. I flinch away.
"I don't have to feel anything toward you. I'm NOT yours" he looks to me with a gleam of trickery in his forrest green eyes. He sits proudly
"Oh contrare my little lion you are indeed mine. We are betrothed. My father is in talks with yours"  I snort
"Bullshit. My father would never just sell me off to some asshole. Let alone without talking to me first!" He pads closer circling me. His teeth nip at my ear.
"Well it seems Daddy doesn't care what you think. But he does find me to be a superior mate for you. Think about it, our children will be strong, fearless.....future Leaders. We could topple the alpha and take over this place. You and me." He smiles a fanged grin
"What do you say?" I smile and rub up against him letting my tail linger under his jaw.
"It all sounds marvelous love....but I think you're forgetting something." he looks to me with half lidded eyes focused more on my body than what I'm saying
"And what is that?" he asks, I smirk and flip him over onto his back. Standing over him I bare my fangs. A claw slips dangerously close to his manhood.
"I'm not yours" I breathe into his face
"And you would NEVER overthrow Demetri. He's a million times the leader you would ever hope to be." He lies still as my claws grow ever closer to his cock.
"Oh and one more thing the day I let you mount me and spill your seed is the day hell freezes over" I jump off of him and walk back towards camp head held high and tail swaying.
Rage froths over me and I see red all around. It takes everything for me to not pounce and kill the lioness where she stands. I sit up and dig my claws into the ground. I'll get her one way or another she will be mine!

The day starts off like any other I wake up to the sounds of screams and a dark wispy figure stands in the corner awaiting my commands. I sit up rubbing the sleep from my eyes.
"Kalani get my clothes for today and assure father I will be down soon." The figure nods and assumes her duties. I rise and stretch waiting on my clothes. She quickly returns with them and slips under the door in a wisp. I shiver even after twenty years of being around them, father's servants and guards still make me uneasy. I finish and head down the long hall towards the dining room. When I walk in father is already at the head of the table finishing his eggs. A female shifter sits by his feet eyes toward the ground. Her neck red and raw from the silver collar. I turn away not wanting to see more. He perks his head up as he notices my approach.
"Kyran my son thank you for finally joining me this morning. What's the matter? Too old for a little Father Son time?"
"No father." I reply curtly, as I sit down another misty servant places a tray in front of me. Eggs, toast, bacon, and coffee. I thank them absentmindedly and dig in.
"So what is on the agenda today?"
"Well I thought I would work with you on your powers a bit more. You're still lacking, but that's to be expected all things considered." He turns his attention to his shifter. I grow angry from another one of his jabs at my lineage.
"Sorry I'm not a full fledged warlock father. It's not my fault you mated with a shifter." He snaps his head up, eyes burn a bright red.
"DO NOT SPEAK OF YOUR MOTHER IN MY PRESENCE. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" Black wisps seethe from all around him. His little pet cowers under the table from his reaction. I smirk
"Why yes father it is. I apologize for my heathen shifter ways must have been the tiger in me." He settles a bit and laughs.
"Always the smart ass Kyran that's my boy" I lower my head and think I'm not yours. I'm nothing like you. I nod back to keep him content. He rises from the table dragging his pet with him.
"Come little one it's time to punish you for your behavior." I watch as they walk away a tear slides down the poor girl's cheek, she wipes it away quick before father can see. I wish I could help her but he makes it impossible. I take note to visit her later in the holding cells. I finish and walk outside to the dense forest that envelopes our home. I breathe in the cool morning air and take off toward the trees. Shedding clothing as I go I shift into my true form. Black fur bristles along my once human form. Hands turn to paws, mouth to muzzle. I land fully shifted and take a minute to drink it in. Before long I'm off again dodging downed trees low bushes and vines. As I move farther away from my "home" I feel much more at peace. I don't know how much time passes but eventually I grow tired. I stop to rest under a small crop of trees. Resting my head on my paws I slip off into sleep. The dream begins like it always does. I'm above the world sitting in the clouds. A woman walks toward me, she smells of tiger like me. Her hair is long and dark like mine, acid green eyes stare out at me. She speaks my name over and over again Kyran....Kyran...I get up to walk towards her and she turns walking away. As I pick up my pace so does she. When I finally get close enough the clouds drop away and I fall down down down to the blackened scorched earth. Fire pits belch flames high into the air. As I descend the heat builds around me when I finally hit the ground I jolt awake. I shake my head and get up. Why is it always the same?....Who is that woman? I push it aside and walk back towards home for my lessons before father sends out his guards to find me.
This is the second book of Tiger Slave.

Twenty-one years have passed since the kinapping of Demetri and Kalypso's son Kyran. In that time the pack has grown exponentially in shifters and in weres. With this growth has come a new defense force of specially trained warriors who work to keep the pack safe from Nikolai's return. As such when a male pack member reaches the age of 21 they can enter training for the defence force. Females however are not allowed to join. One young lioness works to challenge this law, Zarina the only daughter of Gabriel and Mara. She has worked to train hard with her father and her brothers for hopes of proving her skills. Little does she know she posseses so much more than just a warrior's skills. Kyran has grown up knowing only the dark side of life: murder, rape, demons and darkness. With Nikolai as his teacher Kyran has learned to master his magic abilities, and as he approaches his 21st birthday he comes one step closer to his destiny to begin the Great War between the shifters and weres of the world. The only issue is that Kyran wants nothing to do with the death, carnage, chaos or magic. He simply wants to revel in his tiger side and enjoy life without harming innocent people. Will he assume his destiny or change his fate?
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CognoviUmbras Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You have no idea how excited I was when I saw that you posted the next section. I absolutely LOVE!! this story! Keep writing girl, you've got talent.
WolfMistress323 Sep 23, 2012  Student General Artist
Haha glad you enjoy the series, and thank you =D I appreciate the support.
Annnnnnd so it starts again, great t osee you've started the second book Wolf, I look forward t osee where it goes.........already so many questions!!!! :D
WolfMistress323 Sep 23, 2012  Student General Artist
Yup it starts again. You'll have some fun with this one I've got a few things up my sleeves but hey everything can change in an instant. Thank you for the support and enjoy the ride XD
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